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[DESCARGA] R18 Kono Koi wa Oboreru - Yoru no Mahou Vol.2


¡Os traigo una nueva descarga! El volumen 2 de la serie R18 "Kono Koi wa Oboreru - Yoru no Mahou". Y la razón es porque esta vez el seiyuu es nada más y nada menos que Nakazawa Masatomo. Ains como me gusta ese hombre (●´ω`●)ゞ
Esta vez la historia sigue siendo la misma, es decir, un día aparece ante ti un pequeño pez y te dice que eres una princesa sirena, y que o te unes con tu príncipe azul o te vuelves espuma. Lo que cambia es que tú eres una ilustradora de cuentos profesional, y él es un interno especialista en medicina que quiere convertirse en pediatra. Hasta aquí todo bien, pero resulta que no todo es color de rosa como en los cuentos, y si el anterior chico tenía problemas para enamorarse de verdad de alguien, este resulta ser un sobreprotector casi yandere. O sin el casi diría yo.

Ya me diréis cuál os ha gustado más, yo personalmente me quedo con este <3

Como siempre, quién quiera la contraseña tendrá que pedírmela con un email a mi correo vegacerezo92@hotmail.com.

If you want the password, send me an email asking for it :)


PS: Después de ver su actuación en este CD, ahora me gusta todavía más este seiyuu. Y no me refiero a la parte ejemejem, sino a la rompecorazones que casi hace que me quede sin pañuelos de llorar. Bueno, puede que exagere, pero ya me entenderéis cuando escuchéis el Cd xD

¡Nos vemos!image

14 comentarios :

  1. Thank you so much!!
    I really like this seiyuu when he is all DERE and so manly~

  2. Thank you!

    I feel like the trend for this series is to leave the story on the sad note before resolving the plot with a happier, "alternate" ending in the last track + tokuten... I wonder if the next volume will use the same kind of plot.

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing!
    It is as sad as the first volume. I really love this series TwT

  4. Hello~ Thank you for sharing ^^
    The CD was really good but the sad endings why T.T

  5. his voice is very mellow and his stoic character is my type >//<
    ahhh i listen to this wondering how they will replay the little mermaid theme after vol.1, it seems every cd i am the mermaid with a time limit and if i don't make him fall in love with me i either kill him or disappear. this time it was more heartbreaking than vol1 ;_; i wanted to hug him in the before-last track, all of it, i'm sooooooooo glad for the last track that's like a good end after bad end XD
    thank you for the upload ^^

  6. Thank you so much for sharing~!!
    Aaah, this was so sad T__T Nakazawa Masatomo did such a good job on this, his voice is so versatile, at first I couldn't even recognize him! And his kissing has gotten so much more lethal since his first R18 CDs (//////////) And I have a weak spot for doctors x)
    I really hope there'll be a third instalment to this series!
    Love, Miyu

  7. As always Thank you so much for sharing (〃ω〃)

    Finally got a chance to listen to the CD last night and after the 1st vol. I had time to brace myself for the sad things that gonna happen but it turned out better than I expected! I have to admit I like this more than the 1st one though, because...well...at least he cherished MC more than his step-brother(vol.1 guy) and not to mention Nakazawa san is my 3rd most bias(for R18 otome cd).(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) Like Miyu san said he did a good job voicing the character which (for me) make me feel his protective attitude toward MC but not his love (I mean it as a compliment ^^)

    Oh! I just got some unsettling feelings about this series (maybe I'm just overthinking)...well... since they said this is a series so normally they'll have 3 volumes/installments...at least...right? and we already have Sonozaki brothers (younger brother Sonozaki Izumi in the 1st installment and the 1st born son of Sonozaki family--Sonozaki Haruka in this 2nd installment) Is it just me or it really is feel like a déjà-vu of a certain R18 series from last year with the having-affair-with-s/n related to your boyfriend theme(only the different is that in that certain series they're not from the same family)...so...don't tell me we'll get to meet their father in the 3rd installment!∑(゚Д゚ノ)ノ please tell me I'm overthinking!!!

    1. Mmm... I dont know... but I dont think the 3rd volume will be the father ^^

  8. Thank you for sharing. The story was kinda sad, but touching and sweet. I almost cried in the end T_T

  9. Thank you so much for sharing! The story content is very good, sad at some parts, but at least had a good ending :).And the voice actor, it's getting better and better hohohhohoho ^o^.

  10. Thank you vfor sharing >_<
    I really love nakazawa's voice <3
    His kissing technique has become eroi and eroi in every drama cd he had lol XD

  11. kyaaaa thank youuu soo ╮(╯▽╰)╭ great

  12. gracias por compartir !!
    Me gustó este cd
    ~ saran

  13. wooow suena interesante :D ahora te pido la contraseña <3


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