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[DESCARGA] R18 DRAMA CD Mitsuhana - Kyouai Catharsis


Hoy os traigo un nuevo drama cd r18, esta vez de uno de mis seiyuus favoritos (tachibana shinnosuke) haciendo de yandere. 
El CD está ambientado en tiempos "modernos". El amor es la forma del deseo en los humanos, que no cambia nunca aunque pasen años y años. Sin embargo a veces el amor puede retorcerse e incluso escalar silenciosamente hasta el punto de volverse una obsesión anormal.. ¿estás preparada para escuchar a un verdadero yandere?

Como siempre, quién quiera la contraseña tendrá que pedírmela con un email a mi correo

If you want the password, send me an email asking for it :)


No os olvidéis de volver y comentar qué os ha parecido el CD cuando lo escuchéis ;)

Esto es todo de momento.

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11 comentarios :

  1. waaaaa!! i've been waiting for this one!! Tacchi!!! cant wait to listen to this one! thanks a lot for this!! feeling giddy! ><

  2. Thank you! \o\ *screams internally because Tachi*

  3. Thank you! *bows* I really loved the CD. Tacchi! <3 Buttercup

  4. Wow, it was pretty good. There were some parts where I was just "Did he just did what I thought he did?!"

    Thanks so much!

  5. Me fascino tachi es tan... Me gusto bastante definitivamente tachi me vuelve
    a sorprender con esa voz, me encanta cuando es yandere,
    me da otra perspectiva de el. No puedo ni decir todo lo que siento jajajaja XD
    hubo hasta momentos en los que llore :D me encanto 100% recomendable *u*

  6. Thank you so much for sharing (〃ω〃)

    Tacchi is one of my favorite seiyuu and not to mention the "Yandere" part so this is gonna be a long comment.o(≧∇≦o)

    "I KNEW IT!" got a bad feeling since track4 (actually there were lots of ominous signs since the beginning when he said he fell in love with her(MC) at first sight but it was impossible because their different social status (that happened when she was 16) and then her father unexpectedly died 1 year after that! ( ;°Д°)))) plus the "辻切り" incident in red light district (((゚Д゚;) ...怖っ

    Scary? Yes but not that scary, to be honest, for me this cd is less scary than Yanero and その愛は病にいたる partly because of the conversation tracks of the shopkeeper and him that are inserted between track which he interacts with MC.I think these inserted tracks not only help us know how the story develops but also lessen the flow of scary vibe on tracks between him and MC.And the other part is that MC didn't put up much of a fight or seriously resist him that why he didn't turn fully yandere toward her.(and we know how scary an "angry yandere" boyfriend could be,right?) (⊙ω⊙)"

    Oh..I know I'm gonna sound like a pervert asking/talking about this ...(>ω<) ...but ...on track 8 ...Did he's just put hisもの inside her and stayed there while babbling on and on about his crimes until the end?
    Well! I don't know if heard it correctly I only listened to the cd once and got distract because Tacchi kissing/moaning sound (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) before I realized it the track ended ( °A° )
    And that Last track...(⊙[]⊙) Don't tell me all of it is just 夢 or Is it an event that actually occured before track 1-8?

    1. wow xD For track 8... I think is exactly as you said... O.O And for the last track, I dont really know, this cd is a lot confusing for me xD But I loved it :)

    2. Me too! Love the CD <3

      I'd like to think of the last track as "prologue" rather than MC's dream,though.

      Oh...sorry I used the wrong kanji for 辻切り --> the correct one is "辻斬り" which means killing a passerby in order to test a new sword.

  7. Oooh Tacchi, why is your voice so eroi? (/////) I love it when he whispers お嬢様
    I found the language a little hard to follow and the yandere wasn't as hardcore as I expected it to be, but I still thought it was a pretty nice cd ^^ You can seriously never go wrong with Tacchi!! /Miyu

  8. I FINALLY got to listen to this entirely. Goodbye self; Tachi killed me in this CD. The yandere wasn't as much as it was in Yanero but still good!

    thank you so much for this though! I loved the CD!


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